A Living Experience with God

2009-04-en A Living Experience with GodSuccessful telephone contact can be achieved only if both lines are connected to each other through a provider. The same is true in the spiritual area. Although God does everything He can to reach us, whether it works or not depends not only on Him but on our “phone connection” as well. In this book you can find out how to connect your “phone” to a “provider” and create a connection to the living God that really works.

Christ and His Righteousness

1982-en Christ and his RighteousnessThis booklet is the transcription of a series of lectures dealing with Christ’s nature as God and as man, and with Christ as Creator, Lawgiver, and the Righteousness of each person who accepts Him. Other subjects which are dealt with are our acceptance with God, the victory of faith, and deliverance from the bondage of sin. It presents to the reader the gospel, with all its provisions for each person who feels their need of salvation.

Entering into God's Sabbath Rest

2006-01-en Entering into Gods Sabbath RestTrue Sabbathkeeping is a basic spiritual attitude. The difference between divine and human planning is explained using many biblical examples and practical applications. Apart from this, God is graphically presented as our Source, Problem Solver, and Burden Bearer. The connection between a lack of Sabbath rest and the delay of Christ’s second coming is clearly shown.

From Bondage to Freedom

2006-10-en From Bondage to FreedomThe rebirth experience marks the beginning of the Christian life and a new, living connection to Christ. From Bondage to Freedom is an effective aid in obtaining this experience. It clearly shows just what we can expect from God and how we can cooperate with Him in forming a Christ-like character. For those who are struggling with problems in their own life which they seem unable to overcome, as well as for those who have come to accept their character defects, this booklet will prove to be an eye-opener. The editor tells of his own experience and invites the reader to take God at His word and experience the power of the gospel.

Glad Tidings

1984-02-en Glad TidingsGlad Tidings is a study of the book of Galatians. Christ is revealed as the Savior from sin, but sin is the transgression of the law, therefore salvation from sin, from law breaking, means the keeping of the law. Glad Tidings shows that the gospel does not do away with the law, but rather establishes it in the heart so that it can be kept from the heart.

I Think as a Man

2009-01-en I Think as a ManWhenever we are confronted with an accident, loss, human suffering, catastrophe, or even war, we start to think in a certain way. We may feel threatened, deeply affected, or indignant. And in each case, our thoughts are formed by our concept of what part a higher power—God—plays in these events. Is the omnipotent God angry and punishing humanity for their disobedience? Is His patience at an end and He is using His power to put an abrupt end to their godless practices? Or has He simply lost control of the situation?

The Consecrated Way to Christian Perfection

1982-en The Consecrated Way to Christian PerfectionAn exposition which shows, on the one hand, that Christ was wholly God and wholly man during His time on earth—a man like Adam after the fall and after a further 4000 years of degeneration. On the other hand, it is demonstrated that the cleansing of the Old Testament sanctuary reveals that a perfect Christian life is possible and necessary. The question as to how this can be achieved is also clearly answered.

The Gospel in Creation

1983-12-en The Gospel in CreationA blade of grass breaks through a stony surface—this is only one illustration of many in nature which, rightly understood, speak of the power of God. Referring to each day of the biblical record of creation, the reader is shown how the gospel can be seen in nature.

The Seven Angels

1985-12-en The Seven AngelsThe fourteenth chapter of Revelation is one of greatest interest in the study of prophecy and its application to the world today. This chapter spans the beginnings of the Advent movement and follows its course until the return of Christ. Several movements are here portrayed; some of them are now history, and some are imminent. But why has the fulfillment of the final prophecies taken so long? What is the cause of the delay, and what are the next events? What is the nature of the coming crises that will involve the whole earth, and how can we be ready to meet them? The Seven Angels provides answers to these and many other questions. In the light of current events this theme is of greater interest than ever before.